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Dana-Fiona Armour

Dana-Fiona Armour

11/09/2023 / 30/09/2023
Start of residency 11/09/2023
End of residency 30/09/2023

Dana-Fiona Armour, born in 1988 in Willich, Germany, is an artist who graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2019. Armour is currently resident at Collectif Poush in Aubervilliers. Her work is distinguished by its fusion of medicine, science and art, and she has had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers and doctors on several of her projects. Invited as the first artist in residence at Cellectis (a genome engineering company specialising in the development of immunotherapies), she developed the MC1R project there. Exhibited at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, France (2022), this project is a blend of visual art and biotechnology.

Her project at Villa Medici
In residence at Villa Medici, Dana-Fiona Armour will be developing a research and prospecting project on the snake in the medical field, from Antiquity to the present day. Her aim is to explore this subject in order to draw inspiration from it for her body of work. She will focus on the venomous apparatus of the snake, in particular the venomous fang, as well as the chemical composition of venom, its enzymes and molecules. She will also pay particular attention to theriac, a medicine made from opium and viper flesh, the recipe for which was devised by Andromache, physician to the Roman emperor Nero. Rome, as the cradle of medicine, would be an essential place for her research and the inspiration for her future work.

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