The French Academy in Rome: Personnel

President of the board of directors
Thierry Tuot

Sam Stourdzé

General Secretary
Simon Garcia

Accounting officer and Head of financial services
Ghislain Matard

Artist Residency Departement
In charge of the Fellows
Mariangela Colaneri

In charge of the Fellows and of the Viva Villa festival
Camille Coschieri

Logistics & audiovisual manager for the Fellows
Giovanni Mastrocesare

Art History Department
Head of the Art History Department
Francesca Alberti

Heritage and archives Assistant
Alessandra Gariazzo

Symposia, publications and secretarial Assistant
Patrizia Celli

Cultural programming & production
Arthur Godard – Saulgeot

Aurélie Padovan

Exhibitions, publications and educational activities
In charge of the publications
Cecilia Trombadori

In charge of the exhibition production
Maria Luisa Pappadà

In charge of the educational activities
Selene Turchetti

Conservation and Heritage
Architect, head of works monitoring and green spaces
Françoise Laurent

Massimo Annesi
Simone Checconi
Gianni Di Gianfelice
Giacomino Iannilli
Palma Longo
Paolo Marsili

Antonio Meta

Raffaella Carchesio

Executive secretary
Roberta Cafasso
Antonella Grassi

Accounting officer and Head of financial services
Ghislain Matard

Eugenia D’Ulizia

Cash reconciliation officers
Sandro Guarneri
Ernesto Aloisi

Head of Human Resources
Lavinia Triglia

Sponsorship & Private Events 
Head of sponsorship and space rentals
Michela Terreri

Assistant of sponsorship and space rentals
Fanny Rodes

Technical Department
Head of Technical Department
Massimiliano Gentilucci

Technical team
Graziano D’Onofrio, Stefano De Vecchis, Gabriele Grassi

Marco Partigianoni

Public Department
In charge of the public Department and of the Guided Tours
Alessia Grassi

Front Office
Floriana Filosini
Riccardo Iamotti
Grazia Michelangeli
Maria Grazia Forgia

Night reception officer
Stefano Morbidelli

Cleaning and maintenance
Sabrina Antonelli
Lyudmyla Mazur
Corrado Minnei
Paola Stebellini