Pavilion Sous le pin

Designed by KOZ agency

At the occasion of the Villa Medici Festival des Cabanes 2022, the KOZ team has assembled under a pine tree memories of clever or cobbled-together constructions, found here and there, to serve a picturesque place.

Under the pine, a suspended gallery, ideal for contemplating the hypnotic wave of the flowery meadow.

Under the pine, bunches of vines in the shade of the pergola.

Under the pine, the traveller rises into the clouds as if on Mount Tai to contemplate the panorama of hills, roofs and domes.

Under the pine, the fragile shelter of a nursery keeper, bathed in freshness, colours and smells of this small temporary and edible Eden.

Under the pine, the digital sophistication of the wood pieces and their assembly meet the thick roughness of its living bark.

Construction materials: manufactured wood (Maritime pine panels, Austrian spruce posts and beams, “Suteki” metal connectors), synthetic rope, reused EPDM membrane, fountain, plants.

Year of realization: 2022

Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 4.25 metres

Key figures:

  • 3 days of assembly
  • 4 days of disassembly
  • Use of bark beetle wood
  • Weight of the structure: 2 tons


With the support of:

Pictures of the pavilion © Daniele Molajoli