Discover Villa Medici


Getting to Villa Medici

Situated on Monte Pincio, a stone's throw from the Piazza di Spagna, Villa Medici is easily accessible from Rome city center.

Opening Hours

Open from Monday to Sunday (closed on Tuesday) from 10am to 7.00pm. For more information: (+39) 06 67 61 200


2023-2024 Fellows

The 16 Fellows for 2023-2024 began their twelve-month residency at Villa Medici in September 2023.

History and Heritage

History of the Academy

Founded in 1666, the French Academy in Rome has played a decisive role ever since on the Roman and European cultural scenes.

Sponsorship & private events

Sponsorship & private events

The Villa Medici offers a number of prestigious event spaces: for soirées, symposia, seminars, fashion parades, dinners, screenings, concerts and professional gatherings.

Press and Communication