Chapter 2: the refurbishment of the historic rooms

The piano nobile of Villa Medici consists of the former rooms of Cardinal Ferdinando de’ Medici with three rooms in a row – the Room of the Elements, the Room of the Muses and the Room of the Lovers of Jupiter – with 16th century frescoes by the Mannerist painter Jacopo Zucchi. These rooms, which are open to the public on guided tours throughout the year, are located next to two private rooms from the same period which complete the complex.

As part of the project Reenchanting Villa Medici, the interior refurbishment of these emblematic spaces of Villa Medici has been entrusted to India Mahdavi, an internationally renowned French architect, designer and scenographer, who will be responsible for the artistic direction of the project in association with craftsmen (more information to come). This transformation is being carried out with respect for the period décor and previous architectural interventions, in order to revisit the premises by adding a touch of colour and modernity. The rooms will be equipped by Maison Tréca, a French manufacturer of high quality bedding.

The refurbished historic rooms will be opened in spring 2023.

The refurbishment of the historic rooms of Villa Medici is carried ouf with the support of Tréca and Devialet.

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Images © Daniele Molajoli
Video © M3 Studio and Louise Malnoy

Cover image © AFR

India Mahdavi at Villa Medici © Alessia Calzecchi