Chapter 3 : the refurbishment of the guest rooms

The third chapter of the Reenchanting Villa Medici project, led by the French Academy in Rome and the Mobilier national with the support and guidance of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, encourages creation in the specific field of craftsmanship and design, through the launch of several successive calls for projects aimed at refurbishing nine guest rooms in the historic Villa Medici building.

Also supported by the Banque Populaire Foundation, Maison Tréca and EDIT Napoli, these calls for projects bring in contemporary designers, architects and artists working in teams with craftsmen to combine their know-how and give a new identity to the guest rooms.

After a first call for applications in 2022, the winners of which were revealed in March 2023, a second call was open during the spring of 2022 with a winner annonce that will be made during the EDIT Napoli fair in October 2023. Contemporaneously, the French Academy in Rome will open a third call for projects for the continuation of the redevelopment of the guest rooms in the historic Villa Medici building. A final call will take place in the coming months for a total of nine refurbished rooms.

Calendar of calls for projects for guest rooms:

Winners of the first call for projects:

  • Camera Fantasia by Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard (Studio GGSV) & Riccardo Cavaciocchi (Paper Factor) and Matthieu Lemarié
  • Studiolo by Sébastien Kieffer and Léa Padovani (Pool) & Romain Boulais and Félix Lévêque (Atelier Veneer)

Winners of the second call for projects:

View of the guest rooms before their refurbishment

Sponsors of the refurbishment of Villa Medici’s guest rooms :

Cover image © Daniele Molajoli