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Eléonore Marrantz

Eléonore Marrantz

11/09/2023 / 22/09/2023
Start of residency 11/09/2023
End of residency 22/09/2023

Éléonore Marantz (France, 1975) is an architectural historian and associate professor at the University Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne. Specialized in the history of contemporary architecture, her research focuses on the frameworks and forms of architectural production in the 20th century. She has published several reference works on the architectural history of universities and higher education institutions. Over the past decade, her work has involved reexamining the years before and after May 1968. Her specific research on the changes in architectural education during the 1960s and 1970s notably contributed to the exhibition “May 68. Architecture too!” (Paris, Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, 2018), where she was a curator alongside Caroline Maniaque and Jean-Louis Violeau.

Her project at Villa Médicis

During her residency at the Villa Médicis, Éléonore Marantz will conduct research on the “last” architects who were laureates of the Premier Grand Prix de Rome (1938-1967) and resided at the Villa Médicis between 1946 and 1971. The aim is to “radiograph” a generation of architects who were trained and selected to become the future professional elite but actually developed approaches that sometimes went against dominant trends. In addition to studying what connects and distinguishes them, this research seeks to shed light on the last “era” of the Grand Prix de Rome in architecture, whose legitimacy was highly debated at the time. It will also provide new insights into the “life” of the Roman institution and its residents before, during, and after May 68, offering an additional perspective on “May 68 seen and experienced from Rome.”

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