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Tanguy Viel

Tanguy Viel

03/01/2024 / 03/03/2024
Start of residency 03/01/2024
End of residency 03/03/2024

Tanguy VIEL (France, 1973) is a writer.

Tanguy Viel was born in Brest in 1973. He published his first novel, Le Black Note, in 1998 with Editions de Minuit. In 2003, he was awarded the Villa Medicis. Mainly a novelist, he is notably the author of Cinéma (1999), L’absolue perfection du crime (Prix Fénéon and Prix de la Vocation 2001), Paris-Brest (2009), Article 353 du Code Pénal (Prix RTL-Lire, Prix Mauriac 2017). He co-wrote Louis Garrel’s film L’innocent, for which he won the César for Best Screenplay 2023.

His project at Villa Medici

In residence at the Villa Medici, Tanguy Viel is working on his next book, a mixture of essay and poetry.

“For a while now, turning my back on fiction, I’ve been making and combining autobiographical fragments of various kinds: descriptions, meditations, ramblings, walks, so many ‘droplets of experience’ crystallised into hundreds of paragraphs whose affinities I’m looking for, like a jigsaw puzzle whose shape and pattern are themselves in progress. It’s this whole, with its risky promise of infinity, that I’m now trying to bring down to the size of future books.” Tanguy Viel