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Clémence Quélennec

Clémence Quélennec

03/01/2024 / 03/02/2024
Start of residency 03/01/2024
End of residency 03/02/2024

Clémence Quélennec (France, 1991) is a music producer.
After 8 years touring with the French rock band La Femme, Clémence decided to move to Morocco. She spent 4 years there, recharging her batteries in nature and reconnecting with herself, discovering Ableton, composing an EP (Dune Solitaire released in 2019) with her computer, her keyboard and the songs of nature.

Inspired by this new environment, she is developing an ambient project that she sees as an artistic ecosystem in its own right: Ajasphère. She composed around twenty atmospheric and hypnotic tracks, which she released every new and full moon. All the tracks are accompanied by an animation created from her illustrations, which she feeds with the landscapes that surround her and her imagination.
In 2022, she returned to France where she accompanied Jacques on stage, playing keyboards. She also explores acoustic ambient music with the Acoustic Ambient Consort, where she plays the harp.
She is currently concentrating on a new ambient EP to be released at the end of 2023.

Her project at Villa Medici

During her residency at Villa Medici, Clémence Quélennec will lay the foundations for a project consisting of a collection of drawings accompanied by music: a surrealist audio-visual herbarium detailing the characteristics of a para-plant kingdom of her own invention, set out in an imaginary language. Her research will focus on the study of the vital necessities that justify the structures of living beings, so that she in turn can create an infinite number of variations. She will make audio recordings in the gardens of Rome in order to define a musical identity for this universe.