Arts plastiques - Occitanie-Médicis Prize

Alice Brygo

Alice Brygo

09/10/2023 / 06/01/2024
Start of residency 09/10/2023
End of residency 06/01/2024

Alice Brygo (France, 1996) is a filmmaker and artist.

Born in Montpellier, she graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in 2019 and from Le Fresnoy in 2022. Her practice lies at the border between documentary, fantasy cinema, and installation art.

Her work reflects a generational unease in the face of a fragile era.

Blending raw realism with surreal fiction, the artist uses this unease as the material for
twilight-like tales. She reconstructs and displaces lived situations, where encounters between characters from different communities take place, to explore how beliefs and imaginaries are constructed.

Her project at the Villa Médicis

During her residency at the Villa Médicis, Alice Brygo will develop a film and video installation project centered around tourism and the fascination with ruins. Several civilizations will enter into dialogue through the eyes of visitors exploring the remains of the past. It will be a triptych, depicting a collective wandering divided into three parts, as we usually divide time: past, present, and future. Merging historical reconstruction, cinéma vérité, and science fiction, the aim of this work will be to examine contemporary mass tourism practices.

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Installation “Soleil Noir”, 2019
Film poster “Le mal des ardents”, 2023