Anne-James Chaton

Anne-James Chaton

2020-2021 https://www.annejameschaton.org/

Born in 1970 in Besançon, Anne-James Chaton is a writer.

He lives and works in Paris. He has published several collections with Al Dante Editions and on the German electronic music label NOTON. In 2016, he publishes Elle regarde passer les gens by Verticales editions and he receives the Charles Vildrac prize from the Société des Gens de Lettres. In 2019, he joins P.O.L publishing house with L’affaire La Pérouse. His last book, Vie et mort de l’homme qui tua John F. Kennedy, was published in March 2020.

His project at the Villa Medici allowed Anne-James Chaton to roam the streets of Rome reading The Natural History by Pliny the Elder. He intends to prove, on a daily basis, the genuineness of the Latin writer’s assertions. Why is wheat sold at low prices in some places? When did barbers appear for the first time? What waters can change the color of the human body? The texts of the Roman writer and naturalist will also allow him to address the great questions of our time: why do sinkholes form in the land? Why have some of them been completely changed at sea? What particular remedies can be taken from animals?


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