Félix Jousserand translates a collection by the poet Morgan Parker

Félix Jousserand, fellow 2020-2021, produced and published the French translation of the collection Il n’y a pas que Beyoncé (There are more beautiful things than Beyonce) by the American poet Morgan Parker, published by Au Diable Vauvert.

Between personal narrative and poetic and political cultural critique, Morgan Parker tackles consumer society, the media and feminism, deftly interweaving her personal history with pop culture.

Following in the footsteps of artists such as Jim Elledge and Dorothea Lasky, Morgan Parker’s writing is enriched by the political significance of her work, as she and her friend Angel Nafis lead The Other Black Girl, a black feminist poetry duo that performs internationally. Winner of the Pushcart Prize, her poetry and essays have been published in many major newspapers, including the New York Times. She has mastered the art of incorporating pop culture into the experience of blackness. Beyoncé is not his only famous work.