Guided tours

The Villa Medici’s guided tour lasts about one hour and a half and allows the discovery of its treasures, its history, its architecture and its works of art’s collection. The journey starts with the description of the inner facade turned towards the gardens, with the Romans’ bas-relief, the refined copies of antique statues, Giambologna’s Mercury , the contemporary sculptures and the symbols linked to the Medici’s history. The guided tour includes the visit of the Cardinal’s apartment . The visit then proceeds through the Loggia, emblematic image of the Villa, and with the Bosco’s studio , depicted in a famous painting by Velasquez. The visit continues with the gypsotheque recently opened to the public and the fountain created by Balthus from casts of antique sculptures, the Niobides’ square . The walk ends with the discovery of the extraordinary panorama on the Eternal city from the belvedere. 10.00 French 11.00 French & English 12.00 Italian 14.00 French 15.00 French & English 16.30 French & Italian 18.00 French The visits are from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday). Groups (up to 25 people) can book a visit at any time (including the cardinal’s apartment). Fares For information and for reservation for groups : [email protected]