The Nuit des Cabanes at Villa Medici

Saturday 25 June 2022
5pm – midnight
Free access without reservation from 5pm to 11pm
From 11pm onwards, access upon prior reservation for the Ninos du Brasil open-air concert presented by CURA.

The Nuit des Cabanes, an evening of artistic, culinary and musical performances, will celebrate the four pavilions installed during the summer in the Villa Medici gardens for the Villa Medici Festival des Cabanes 2022. Come and discover a rich programme of concerts, DJ sets, performances, readings, installations, food market, cabin building’ educational workshops for families and kids and enjoy self-guided tours of the architect’s pavilions throughout the evening.

An evening with:

Ninos Du Brasil presented by CURA
Emmanuele Coccia, philosopher and professor at the École des hautes études en sciences sociale (EHESS)
Deborah Levy, writer and poet
Marielle Macé, researcher, writer and Villa Medici Fellow, in dialogue with Frédérique Aït-Touati, scientific director of the Master in Political Arts (SPEAP) at Sciences Po
Laurent Tixador, artist
Marion Collé, performer
Zuri Camille de Souza, chef and first winner of the new culinary residence at Villa Medici
Thierry Miroglio, percussionist and Sophie Jégou, dancer-choreographer, who will perform Italian creations by composers and Villa Medici Fellows Hèctor Parra and Marta Gentilucci and Fausto Sebastiani, Xu Yi, Jean-Claude Risset and Paulo C.Chagas.
Les Siestes électroniques: Laura Agnus Dei and Malibu
Jean-Marie Appriou, artist and sculptor
Théodora Barat, visual artist, film director and Villa Medici Fellow
Samir Boumedienne, researcher, storyteller and Villa Medici Fellow
The students of the Master in Political Arts (SPEAP) from Sciences Po and the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs

On the same evening, the installation by artist and sculptor Jean-Marie Appriou is also inaugurated in the Villa Medici gardens (Art Club #35 → read more).

Great festive, artistic and sensory event, the Nuit des Cabanes is be an opportunity to embrace the poetic and convivial dimension of the pavilion as a place of hospitality at the crossroads of disciplines.

Photo credits
Cover picture: © M3 Studio
Photo DREAM pavilion night view: © Daniele Molajoli