Cabin Batouto

Designed by ArchiSculpteurs

The Batouto cabin is a tribute to nomadism and what it brings to our way of inhabiting the world. It is a garden in time, animated by the vibrations of its transformation and reminds us that a significant part of our true happiness takes shape in our ability to maintain and share the space we occupy.

Batouto is an invitation to imagine the clutter of a forest in which we hide, as in childhood, to observe the life around us. In the middle of this dishevelled shape, a path of footbridges leads into the high lines that host an observation point overlooking Rome and the Villa Medici.

The name Batouto is inspired by the characters in Edward Glissant’s novel, Sartorius. It is a shelter that, through its poetic and instinctive form, seeks to hear all languages and address the imagination of each viewer. This work offers the visitor the chance to be part of the landscape, to be the landscape.

Construction materials: spruce, metal fittings
Year of design: 2022
Design, manufacture, production and assembly: ArchiSculpteurs
Timber structure design office: CS2L Ingéniérie

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Image credits :
Sketch © ArchiSculpteurs
Vews of the huts © Daniele Molajoli et © Julien Heil