Simon Boudvin and Anne-James Chaton at the Limone Space

Simon Boudvin and Anne-James Chaton, fellows 2020-2021, present Paesefortuna#0 – Di uomini e pecore, a first series of dialogues that the studio, located in the ex factory Lanificio Luciani, wants to engage with artists and curators passing by Rome. The two artists are invited for the first event.

Starting from Lanificio’s history as well as the unusual domestic exhibition space, they present a temporary installation, which fully covers the surface of the space without disturbing the activities of the place itself, however the artwork is in full dialogue with the regular residents of the studio.
Simon Boudvin’s social and spatial skills are blended together by Anne-James Chaton’s writing, “Di uomini e di pecore”, which is the undisputed protagonist of the work.


Limone Space, Via di pietralata 159a, Roma