Laure Limongi

Laure Limongi

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Laure Limongi (France, 1976) develops a transdisciplinary work forging links with music, performance and visual arts, as well as history and science. Laure Limongi’s predilection for inquiry, words, expression and languages is expressed through various artistic acts. She writes books – novels, documentary fiction, essays, poetry – and stages them in the form of performed lectures. Her most recently published works include the diptych Ton cœur a la forme d’une île and On ne peut pas tenir la mer entre ses mains (Grasset, 2019 and 2021), as well as the collection J’ai conjugué ce verbe pour marcher sur ton cœur (L’Attente, 2020). A devotee of collective odysseys, Laure Limongi develops artistic collaborations and teaches creative writing at the École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy, having been a publisher for some fifteen years and having co-directed the Master’s degree in creative writing at Le Havre.

As part of her residency at the French Academy in Rome, Laure Limongi is developing the project The Panacea Service, built around three proposals between writing and performance. Through the alternative use of tools and medical symbols, Laure Limongi intends to propose participatory performances whose purpose will be to prescribe books. In public or in private consultation, one or more books, with their dosage, will be proposed in response to the statement of a “disorder”. In parallel, Laure Limongi will write a novel that will embody this approach – the book as a panacea – and which will take place in the Italy of the Middle Ages at the heart of the School of Salerno. These three acts (performance, novel writing, classification) are a response to the desire to propose a form that rethinks chronology by building on exchange, living matter, Italian history, the palimpsest… because what better way than through a book to escape the tyranny of temporality?


Photo portrait © Stéphanie Solinas
Video portrait © Laurent Perreau pour l’Académie de France à Rome – Villa Médicis