Call for papers | Piranesi @300 International conference



Call for papers
Piranesi @300
International conference
Rome, 27-30 January 2021


Centro Studi Cultura e Immagine di Roma/ Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
Istituto Centrale per la Grafica
The British School at Rome
Académie de France à Rome Villa Médicis


DEADLINE: proposals due by 31 July 2020


Concluding the year celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Battista Piranesi, this conference aims to reveal new aspects of his life and works, their contexts and critical fortune and we are seeking proposals for a comparison of interdisciplinary themes and innovative methodologies.

In the light of current uncertainties, we plan to host the conference both live in Rome and via online platforms to facilitate international participation.

Some ideas of themes that could be addressed:

Piranesi artist, theorist, entrepreneur and merchant

Many aspects of Piranesi’s life and work still remain in the shadows: we hope to discover new documentary data, new drawings, new interpretations, new networks.

Piranesi and History: the Mediterranean civilizations, the fall of the Empire, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Egypt, Etruria, Greece, Rome. From the fall of the Empire to the Renaissance. Piranesi and the texts of his books, the birth of archaeology, the philosophy of history in 18th century Europe.

Piranesi: Europe, America, the world

Piranesi as globalartist. His lasting reputation – from Rome across 18th century Europe – takes on different aspects in different European contexts: England, France, Germany, Russia – and in the more distant United States and Latin America, Australia and Japan, maintaining close yet changing relationships with art, literature, photography and cinema.

Piranesi as architect: monument, city, utopia

Though constantly designing, he was the architect of only one building, S. Maria del Priorato on the Aventine hill yet Piranesi always signed himself architect. His vision of Roman architecture and of the ancient metropolis states certainties and raises concerns about the dystopian future of the global city.

Piranesi in the global 21st century: new methods for new paths of research

We can ask questions about Piranesi in the context of contemporary scenarios. His work continues to provoke reflection, inspire new projects and interpretations.




The languages of the conference are English, Italian and French, and the event will be open to the public.

We invite doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, established scholars to submit proposals for papers which contain new research or use new approaches. These will fall into two groups:

(1) 15 minute presentations on one event, object or discrete theme;
(2) 30 minute presentations on wider issues.

Please send a 250 word CV and an abstract in English, French or Italian of either 500 words (for a 15 minute talk) or 1000 words (for 30 minute talk); the abstract should make clear the new content of the contribution.

The address to send these is : [email protected] by July 31st 2020.

We plan to offer accommodation in Rome to speakers at the conference though we are not able to assist with travel costs.
We propose to publish a volume of the papers of the conference


Scientific committee:
Francesca Alberti (Académie de France à Rome), Fabio Barry (Stanford University), Mario Bevilacqua (Università degli Studi di Firenze, CSCIR), Clare Hornsby (British School at Rome), Giorgio Marini (Ministero Beni Culturali), Heather Hyde Minor (Notre Dame Rome), Susanna Pasquali (La Sapienza Roma), Frank Salmon (Cambridge University), Giovanna Scaloni (Istituto Centrale per la Grafica).

Conference organisers:
Mario Bevilacqua and Clare Hornsby