(In) Sub Ordination I

_ Talk / Don’t Talk _ Til Berg | Cyrille Henry Post Elettronica – Fabbrica Europa 2012 Festival internazionale della scena contemporanea (In) Sub Ordination I is a visible and audible experiment where the spatial acoustics and its sonic environment turn into a visible respiration. Til Berg translates the evidence of the acoustics phenomenon in space through the essential electronic image of its audio-video installation. From music and sounds, Til Berg , visual artist alias of Gilbert Nouno, draws abstract and minimalist moving shapes, where a reconstruction of gestures and movements breaks free. He combines digital art technologies and scientific influences. The transdisciplinary nature of his work is a culmination of his confrontations with various artists within different styles and fields of expression: graphic and visual arts, jazz, avant-garde music and dance. Cyrille Henry is a multidisciplinary artist and developer who lives and works in Paris. Cyrille Henry evolves at the intersection between art, computer and scientific research. His work combines the use of sensors, motion analysis, physical modeling, image generation, visual and sound synthesis in real time. He is a founding member of the project chdh which audiovisual performances occur regularly in France and in Europe. He has collaborated with dance companies and other artists for the realization of installations and interactive stage devices. Information Fabbrica Europa Tel. 055 2638480 / 055 2480515 [email protected]