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Rebeka Warrior

Rebeka Warrior

12/04/2023 / 28/04/2023
Start of residency 12/04/2023
End of residency 28/04/2023

Rebeka Warrior, born in France in 1978, is an author, composer and performer. She has been making music for over 15 years in three duos: Mansfield.TYA (with Carla Pallone), Sexy Sushi (with College), KOMPROMAT (with Vitalic).
Multi-instrumentalist singer, she also mixes and produces solo for several years and performs both in France and internationally.
In 2020, Rebeka Warrior co-founded WARRIORECORDS (label, parties, recording studio, creation, distribution and artistic promotion, …).

Her project at the Villa Medici :

In residence at the Villa Medici, Rebeka Warrior will develop a writing project.

“Two publishers have offered me to write a book. Until now, I had refused proposals for a book because I was satisfied with my songwriting. But, one morning, or maybe one night, near a lake …. I got fed up, I felt like saying “literature has pushed me to vice”.
Marcus Aurelius made me take LSD in the Ecuadorian forest and The Sorrows of Young Werther made me divorce my wife.
Witchcraft ? Manipulation ? Misinterpretation?
I tried to start writing in Paris, at home, but the business of everyday life pollutes my head and I systematically go back to singing behind my synthesizer.
I need peace and quiet, solitude and time to tell all this. I have big files.”


© Photo credit: Nadine Fraczkowski