Gastronomie / Gastronomy - Culinary residence / Résidence culinaire

Martin Planchaud

Martin Planchaud

09/01/2023 / 31/01/2024
Start of residency 09/01/2023
End of residency 31/01/2024

Originally from Bordeaux, Martin Planchaud started out in the kitchen with chefs who had just graduated from starred restaurants in the city. Wishing to multiply his experiences and curious to learn new ways of cooking from chefs who inspire him, he travels to Canada and then to Paris. His passion for tradition and experimentation led him on a quest for movement. On his way, he came across the design residence Domaine de Boisbuchet and decided to dedicate himself to places that combine cuisine, art and design. He likes to consider the kitchen as a playground and meeting place for designers. He made several collaborations with culinary designers. After several inspiring trips of several months during which he had to adapt to different cultures, notably in Mexico, India or Italy, he went to New York to experiment several positions as a confirmed cook. He continued this experience in the restaurant business in the Basque Country. The Domaine de Boisbuchet will remain an annual event that allows him to inject energy, expand his network and consolidate his collaborations.

Although he is based in Biarritz, he has nevertheless chosen to remain on the move in order to continue discovering new ways of conceiving his medium. This allows him to remain committed to the quality of his choice of products and to adapt to seasonal changes in a consistent manner. Martin considers himself a culinary craftsman who places at the centre of his cooking an attachment to the taste and visual aspect of the dishes he proposes.


© Portrait: Neige Agusta Céleste

The culinary residency was conceived thanks to the sponsorship of Laura Vidal and with the support of Laura Vidal and with the support of Paris Popup, La Mercerie Marseille, Chardon, Livingston Marseille, Harry Cummins and Julia Mitton.