Plastic arts - Résidence Médicis

Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier

Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier

11/03/2024 / 14/04/2024
Start of residency 11/03/2024
End of residency 14/04/2024

Marie Ouazzani (France, 1991) & Nicolas Carrier (France, 1981) are a duo of artists.
Working and living together since 2015, their climate fictions invent new relationships between the different elements of our ecosystems and propose new ways of inhabiting them.
The duo has exhibited at La Galerie, centre d’art contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, 3 bis f in Aix-en-Provence, Villa Schöningen in Germany, Casa da Cerca in Portugal, Darat al Funun in Jordan and the WRO, Lagos and Odessa biennials.

Their project at Villa Medici

While in residence at Villa Medici, the duo wanted to develop a new climatic fiction based on the characteristics, properties, history and poetic evocations of Cymbalaria muralis, also known as the Ruin of Rome, a small perennial plant with delicate pale blue flowers, native to Italy.
Using snapshots and texts from their research, the duo will produce an artist’s edition that takes up the long tradition of the herbarium and projects it into the ecological crisis. With its mix of ancient ruins and modern architecture, this fictional work imagines that the resilience of the Ruins of Rome will enable it to continue to grow despite the collapse, and to heal the ecosystem of this post-capitalist, post-apocalyptic Rome that has once again become a marshland.

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Giardini plastica, Ouazzani & Carrier - 2022.

Giardini plastica, 2022

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