Composition musicale / Musical composition - Medici Residency / Résidence Médicis

Léonie Pernet

Léonie Pernet

11/12/2023 / 15/01/2024
Start of residency 11/12/2023
End of residency 15/01/2024

Pianist, percussionist, singer, composer for cinema, Léonie Pernet (1989, France) released her EP “Two of Us” in 2014 and composed music for the film “Bébé Tigre.” In 2018, her first album “Crave” received acclaim, followed by an international tour. In 2021, she unveiled the powerful and eclectic “Cirque de Consolation.” She also composed for the Arte series “H24” in 2022.

Her project at Villa Medici

Léonie Pernet continues her creative journey beyond the horizon, guided by René Char’s “Poème Pulvérisé”: “I took my head as one seizes a clod of salt and literally pulverized it.” Starting anew, reinventing her perspective, pulverizing her history, her limits, and those of the world around us. Immersing herself deeply in poetic writing, she prioritizes the power of words set to music to capture the human experience and convey it, thus creating a transformative experience for the listener.

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