Digital creation - XR Farnese Residency

Jérémy Griffaud

Jérémy Griffaud

18/09/2023 / 15/10/2023
Start of residency 18/09/2023
End of residency 15/10/2023

Jérémy Griffaud is a young artist who graduated from the Pavillon Bosio (Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Monaco) in 2017. He paints watercolours of an imaginary mode that he digitises and then animates by computer. These animations can be seen in the form of films, but also in virtual reality or in the form of immersive video installations. He takes the viewer along to share his fascination with colourful and hypnotic parallel worlds, while revealing the problems of our time.

His project at Villa Medici
During his residency at the Villa Medici, Jérémy Griffaud will develop the scenography of his project The Origin of Things: The Garden, an interactive video installation that combines immersive video projection and virtual reality.
The viewer/player finds himself in the heart of a fantastic garden populated by strange plant species. All around him are buttons, joysticks and levers.
By operating them, he harvests certain plants, sends others to the incinerator, injects them with chemical substances, etc.
The spectators present in the installation see these interactions that the player with the helmet carries out, which are projected on the walls of the exhibition room.
During this residency, Jérémy Griffaud will work on the conceptualisation of the scenography. How will the helmet and the spectator using it be staged?
What will be the set elements (device/light/spatialized sound) that will physically accompany the projected image?


The Origin of Things, © Jérémy Griffaud


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© Jérémy Griffaud

About XR Farnese – Medici Residency

Initiated by the French Embassy in Italy and the Institut Français Italia in partnership with the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici, the XR Farnese – Medici Residency is a programme dedicated to immersive creation and virtual reality. Launched in partnership with NewImages Festival – an international event dedicated to XR – the residency is endowed with a grant of 6,000€, and will allow a French author to develop his or her XR project during a stay at Villa Medici. This residency will be an opportunity to meet Italian institutions, artists and professionals.