Art history - Daniel Arasse Research Grant

Jeanne Dorn

Jeanne Dorn

10/01/2023 / 10/02/2023
Start of residency 10/01/2023
End of residency 10/02/2023

Jeanne Dorn is a doctoral student at the University of Paris Nanterre, where she is preparing a thesis on the thought of art by the poet Yves Bonnefoy. She is the author of a book entitled Poésie et bonté. Baudelaire avec Rousseau, published in 2022 by Hermann.

Research project: genesis and reception of Rome, 1630 in the European thought of the second XXth century

Jeanne Dorm’s research during her residency at Villa Medici is historiographical in nature, and concerns Yves Bonnefoy’s Rome, 1630: L’horizon du premier baroque, published in 1970 jointly by Editions Flammarion in France and the Istituto Editoriale Italiano in Milan. By the novelty of its approach and the results of its analyses, Rome, 1630 had an immediate and lasting impact on the community of art historians, particularly in the rediscovery of the Baroque in the 20th century. The aim is to uncover the visual and intellectual conditions of the book’s emergence in the 1950s and 1970s, to reconstruct the social and artistic milieu Bonnefoy frequented during his travels in the Italian capital, and to compare the specificity of his thinking on the Baroque – his mode of exposition, his methods, the acquisitions of his criticism, and the theses he asserts – with that of other historians and critics.