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Hugo Drubay

Hugo Drubay

09/02/2024 / 10/03/2024
Start of residency 09/02/2024
End of residency 10/03/2024

Hugo Drubay (France, 1991) is an interior architect, designer and sculptor.

Hugo Drubay is an interior architect, designer and sculptor. Inspired by nature and captivated by morphogenesis, he strives to convey the beauty of nature through his work, using a combination of techniques ranging from traditional craftsmanship to cutting-edge new technologies such as 3D printing and digital sculpture. Like a true naturalist, he carefully observes the forms of nature and incorporates them into his own creative process, revealing organic forms.

Hugo Drubay graduated in interior architecture, product design and visual communication from École Bleue in 2015, and forged his talent alongside masters such as Jacques Garcia, Loris Gréaud & Théo Mercier. In 2019, he won the prestigious Mobilier National prize at the Design Parade.

His project at Villa Medici

In residence at Villa Medici, Hugo Drubay will be developing a project aimed at reinterpreting the Medici vase.

The Medici vase is an emblematic piece of neo-Attic art. Currently on display at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, it was acquired by the Medici family and displayed in their villa until the end of the 18th century. Hugo Drubay’s poetic approach involves bringing the Medici vase back to its original home, the Villa Medici, so that it can return to a familiar environment. This obviously involves reinterpreting the work. The location, dimensions and stylistic effects will be interpreted by Hugo Drubay to reflect a contemporary version of Greek art and the representation of nature. This reinterpretation will explore different craft techniques such as stone and wood carving, gold leaf gilding, as well as new technologies such as digital carving and engraving.