Residence Pro at Villa Medici

The Residence Pro is an ambitious educational program initiated in 2021 by the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici in collaboration with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Academic Region, through the Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Forêt Bois Nouvelle-Aquitaine – and an active network of public and private partners in the forestry and wood industry brought together under the Woodrise ecosystem. This first edition of the pilot program is aimed at 300 students from 15 vocational high schools, representing the diversity of the territories of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, who will be hosted for a week at Villa Medici in Rome.

Each year, the Residence Pro will take as a guideline a field of know-how to explore all the technical, social, artisanal and artistic expressivities, according to a pedagogical device connected to the fields of excellence of the vocational courses and to the talents of the high school students and the educational teams which compose them. For this first edition, the forestry and wood industry is in the spotlight, from cabinetmaking to forestry to wood construction. The program is co-constructed with the Campus des métiers forêt-bois, which coordinates all the professional establishments in the region.

The Residence Pro is a response to the social commitment that drives the Académie de France in Rome and that it shares with the project partners. For the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, it marks the experimentation of a particularly ambitious way of supporting a high school mobility project in the service of their artistic and cultural education.

Deployed over the entire school year, the Residence Pro is divided into three phases:

1) From September 2021 to May 2022, prepare and build: From the beginning of 2021, accompanied by the project’s educational teams and with a specially designed digital resource platform, each class will imagine and document a collective work inspired by a major heritage work of the city of Rome. For this exercise, they will be accompanied by their teachers, by the FCBA technological institute (forest, cellulose, wood, construction, furniture) and by 20 regional “sponsor” companies contributing their expertise.

2) In May 2022, travel and experience: The 300 young people are hosted for a week of immersion in the Italian capital, with the Villa Medici as the central location for a program of workshops, lectures and hands-on experiences. The program is supervised by mediators and led by professionals: journalists, art historians, artists, entrepreneurs, experts… This week is dedicated to discovery, conviviality and exchange. During their week of exploration in the field, the high school students and apprentices will make several visits to Roman sites that they will have previously studied during the year, participate in workshops and meetings with professionals in the wood industry, not to mention the festive moments that will punctuate the week.

3) On their return, share: The high school students commit to sharing their vision, their experience and to becoming intermediaries by producing a capsule that will compose a collective visual and sound map of Rome, rich in the experiences and know-how of each group and by organizing a sharing of their experience in the form of their choice. Screening, tasting, concert, workshop: each class will elaborate the program of a unique festive moment to be organized in their school.

The Residence Pro project was born from a first collaboration between the Academy of France in Rome – Villa Medici and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region: as part of Woodrise 2020, the prototype of the Proto-Habitat modular pavilion designed by two 2019-2020 Villa Medici Fellows, Frédérique Barchelard et Flavien Menu, had been produced and exhibited in Bordeaux.

Villa Medici and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region are combining their financial resources to make this first edition of Résidence Pro possible.       

The Residence Pro 2021 in a few figures:

  • 15 schools
  • 9 departments of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region
  • 300 students
  • 20 regional sponsor companies
  • 1 week at Villa Medici in Rome

About the forest-wood-paper industry in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

A pool of jobs, a carbon pump and a biodiversity reserve, the forest-wood-paper industry plays a key economic and environmental role for the region: 2.8 million hectares, 34% of the territory of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 88% of the annual carbon sequestration in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, about 60,000 jobs and 10 billion euros of turnover per year.

By helping to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption, the use of wood in construction is a decisive element in the effort to be more sober and efficient.

In this context, after taking the form of the 1st World Congress on Medium and High-Rise Wood Buildings in 2017 in Bordeaux, “Woodrise” has evolved since 2018 to a format of “Woodrise Meetings”, totaling each year nearly 50 activities in New Aquitaine dedicated to the general public and professionals. Woodrise, and the ecosystem of partners that gathers around it, allows to communicate on wood construction and to stimulate both demand and supply by promoting the technicality of the companies present in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The Résidence Pro program is realized with the support of :

Thanks to:

Fédération nationale du bois (FNB)

Participating institutions in the project:

Établissement Régional d’Enseignement Adapté Joël Jeannot (Trélissac)
Établissement Régional d’Enseignement Adapté Théodore Monod (Saintes)
Lycée de Navarre (Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port)
Lycée des métiers du bâtiment Jean Garnier (Morcenx-la-Nouvelle)
Lycée polyvalent du Pays d’Aunis – Lycée des Métiers du Bois (Surgères)
Lycée polyvalent Haroun Tazieff – Lycée des métiers du bois (Saint-Paul-lès-Dax)
Lycée polyvalent Nelson Mandela-Pôle Bâtiment et des Arts Associés (Poitiers)
Lycée Porte d’Aquitaine (Thiviers)
Lycée professionnel Agricole et Forestier Roger Duroure (Sabres)
Lycée professionnel Édouard Vaillant (Saint-Junien)
Lycée professionnel Henri Brulle (Libourne)
Lycée professionnel Lavoisier (Brive-la-Gaillarde)
Lycée professionnel Louise Michel (Ruffec)
Lycée professionnel Saint Joseph – Apprentis d’Auteuil (Blanquefort)
Lycée professionnel Sillac (Angoulême)

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