Villa Aperta

From 18 to 21 June 2014 Villa Aperta will be back with the Electro Pop Rock Festival organized by the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici in the outstanding setting of the Villa Medici gardens. The Festival consists of four concerts with musicians and international bands representing the most innovative trends of every possible genre of contemporary music. The public of Rome will discover emerging groups as well as artists who have made the history of rock. Wednesday 18 June , the Festival will open with the Parisian post-rock group That Summer , created at the beginning of the 1990s by David Sanson, fellow at the French Academy in Rome in 2013-2014. The stage will be shared with Luminal , the Roman Indie Rock group who took part in the special edition of the Afterhours’ historical album Hai Paura del Buio? ( Are You Afraid of the Dark? ) after the success of their album, Amatoriale Italia , and the French post-punk trio Cheveu inspired by various music trends: from blues to punk and electronic music. Thursday 19 June , will see the performance of Christophe , the French singer and songwriter with Italian roots, whose music finds inspiration in rock’n’roll as well as in the French art song. Christophe will present his new album Paradis retrouvé on the Villa Medici stage, together with the other great hits which have made him a song writing icon. The second guest to perform will be Ramona Lisa , the new stage name of Caroline Polachek , who recorded her first solo album Arcadia during one of her stays at the French Academy in Rome. Friday 20 June , appointment with the all-girl American Indie Pop group Au revoir Simone . Their gig will be followed by a mix of soul, blues, jazz and psychedelic pop with the New Zealand musician, Connan Mockasin .The evening will come to a close with the Italian debut of Jackson and his Computerband , one of the inventors of French Touch , who will perform an unprecedented ultramodern live set up. Saturday 21 June the Festival will culminate on the day of the Fête de la musique with the top of the French electronic music scene, thanks to carte blanche granted by the Paris agency Savoir Faire . Gesaffelstein, producer, remixer and composer, will be on stage for this last event, such as Brodinski , one of the most prolific and acclaimed DJs, composers, producers and remixers, and The Hacker, techno and electroclash producer, who has collaborated with DJ singer Miss Kittin among others .  Laurent Durupt , currently a fellow at the French Academy in Rome, whose work is a cross of contemporary and electronic music, will also perform. 18th June That Summer / Luminal / Cheveu 19th June Ramona Lisa (Caroline Polachek) / Christophe 20th June Connan Mockasin / Au revoir Simone / Jackson and his Computerband 21st June The Hacker / Brodinski / Gesaffelstein / Links PRESALE OF TICKETS on pointticket 8 June: 10 Euros in prevendita (+ d.p.) / 15 euro 19 June: 15 Euros in prevendita (+ d.p.) / 20 euro 20 June: 20 Euros in prevendita (+ d.p.) / 25 euro 21 June: 20 Euros in prevendita (+ d.p.) / 25 euro Follow Villa Aperta on and IN CASE OF RAIN, CONCERTS WILL TAKE PLACE UNDER SHELTER FROM BAD WEATHER. Doors open at 08:00 p.m. | Concert beginning at 09:00 p.m. (18 and 19 June) – 09.30 p.m. (20 and 21 June) For safety reasons, any exit is final. TEASER VILLA APERTA 2014 Bandeau Sponsor VA5