Through the seasons: thematic visit of the gardens of Villa Medici

Every Saturday and Sunday at 3.30 p.m. starting 6 May 2022
Duration: 90 minutes

Visit only in Italian
Booking required

From the fragrant explosion of the bigaradier trees in spring to the flamboyant colours of autumn, discover the exceptional flora of the Villa Medici through an original visit to its gardens. Visitors will be able to enter areas that are usually inaccessible to the public, such as the Bosco, a wooded area of the garden and the holiday home of the Villa Medici’s most unusual residents…its 120,000 bees!

The guided tour includes the following itinerary: the alley of orange trees, the Bosco, the garden squares and the private pavilion of Ferdinando de’ Medici (also called “Stanza degli uccelli”).

The visit will cover the historical context of the gardens, which have largely retained their 16th century layout, as well as their current role within the Villa Medici: an invaluable living heritage, a place for experimentation and sharing, the gardens have been the subject of an innovative eco-responsible management policy for more than 10 years and are at the crossroads of the fundamental missions of the Académie de France in Rome.

In the context of the botanical event Orticola di Roma which will be held on Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May 2022, visitors with a ticket for the event will be entitled to a reduced rate for visits to the gardens of the Villa Medici on the same days at 3.30 pm (on presentation of the purchase ticket at the ticket office).

Cover image: Villa Medici forest © Daniele Molajoli
Gallery images at the bottom of the page: © Thibaut de Rohan, Assaf Shoshan