International symposium: Pasolini. Dialogues with France

Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 December 2022
Villa Medici

FR and IT (without simultaneous translation)

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Anne-Violaine Houcke and Hervé Joubert-Laurencin (Paris Nanterre), Paolo Desogus and Davide Luglio (Sorbonne University), Marco Antonio Bazzocchi (University of Bologna), Francesca Alberti (Villa Medici)


Throughout his literary, poetic, theatrical, cinematographic, critical and political work, Pasolini never ceased to address France, to challenge it, and France responded. What kind of France did he talk about or dream about? Which writers, which poetry, which language, which theory entered his life, his verses and his images? With which filmmakers did he confront his “figurative fulgurations”? On the other hand, which Pasolini did and still does speak of in France? What is his dream of Pasolini made of? 

By bringing together researchers, poets, theorists, critics, directors and composers of today, the colloquium intends to question Pasolini’s strange and inextinguishable relevance. Lectures, round tables, readings, performances and songs will allow us to grasp the forms of this interlocution between Pasolini and France, of these dialogues which were and still are at the same time intellectual, sensual and resolutely intranquil, even offensive.


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