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Horizons, for countertenor and trombone quartet (2023)
Commissioned by Radio France – Anne Montaron

  • John Dowland, course tunes for lute & voice (16th century)
    transcribed by the resident Samir Amarouch
    performed by s.a.m.p.l.e

Virgile Pellerin (countertenor)
Lucas Ounissi (tenor & alto trombone)
Benjamin Gallon (tenor & alto trombone)
Pierrick Caboche (tenor trombone)
Kévin Roby (bass trombone)

Thursday 18 May, 8 pm
Location: Trinita dei Monti, Secret Library
duration: 45′

Discover Horizonson the podcast Création mondiale : l’intégrale, France Musique


Making music is an exploration.

An exploration of the sounds of today’s urban, 
technological and discontinuous environment.

Through an immersion in the acoustics of 
the trombone quartet and the voice of a countertenor, 
horizons explores the fusion of timbres, 
the analogy with reality:

one voice or several voices, 
a motorcycle racing or an opera, 
the ice cracking in lasergun or 
a requiem for the loss of a loved one?

In parternship with:
Bibliotheca Hertziana • Max Plack Institut
Visualizing Science in Media Revolutions research group
Trinità dei monti
Pieux établissements de France à Rome et à Lorette