Educational activities

The French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici was founded in 1666 to be an active place of artistic production. The stay in Rome represented an important moment in the formation of an artist, and over time has become an opportunity for experimentation in the various disciplines of art, where each Fellow has the opportunity to realize his or her own artistic project. In addition to the traditional disciplines, new forms of artistic expression have been introduced over the years, such as film, literature, photography and art history.

The educational activities of the French Academy in Rome offer pupils and students to be an active part of this experimentation with the aim of inviting the younger public to live a real experience of artistic training in the extraordinary setting of Villa Medici, home of the Academy since 1803.

Educational visits and workshops are designed for students of all ages, starting from the principle that experience is fundamental to knowledge of the world.

Activities are available by reservation by contacting [email protected]

Activities for special audiences

We are always available to educators, operators and institution directors that deal with social promotion and inclusion to plan educational activities and customized paths.

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